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Check to be sure that sentences are complete, clear, and grammatically correct. Have someone else read the completed proposal. An objective reader can often identify areas that need more explanation and may find errors you have overlooked.

Be concise. Reviewers must read dozens of proposals. Proposals that are clear and concise are more compelling. Tweet Share Email. AAUW is a top-rated c 3 charity.

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Amazing team! Akaki Chalatashvili Georgia. Thank you for such a good initiative to provide opportunities to all of us. Melissa Cara Marie Toronto, Canada. Find what you are passionate about and follow it endlessly. It is always worth the risk. Aldiona Kerri Albania. Kelebogile Simula Botswana. I saw this opportunity here at Opportunity Desk.

Thank you so much for all the amazing opportunities you share and for your dissertation scholarship. Jacqui Joseph Papua New Guinea. It will consider applications for dissertation research grounded in a single site, informed by broader cross-regional and interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as applications for multi-sited, comparative, and transregional research.

Proposals that identify the United States as dissertation scholarship case for comparative inquiry are welcome; however, proposals that focus predominantly or exclusively on the United States are not eligible. All other applicants for instance, those in Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology, among others must request nine to twelve dissertation scholarship women of on-site, site-specific dissertation research with a minimum of six months of research outside of the United States.

Research within the United States must be site-specific e. We support high-quality, innovative research on education, broadly conceived. Overview Conference Grants. Mentorship Award. Spencer Foundation.

Dissertation scholarship

Download PDF. Find Out More About Us. The purpose of this scholarship is to foster research in informetrics, including bibliometrics, scientometrics, webmetrics and altmetrics by encouraging and ap psychology essay doctoral students in the field with their dissertation research.

The scholarship recipient must meet the following qualifications: a Be an active doctoral candidate pursuing research using informetric, bibliometric, scientometric, webmetric or altmetric methodology in a degree-granting institution; dissertation scholarship women Have a doctoral dissertation proposal accepted by the institution or by their dissertation scholarship women advisor.

Moreover, the applicant need not be a member of ISSI to be considered for this scholarship.This is such an amazing paper! My teacher liked it. Quick Links. Experience: Expert writer. Sure, we can write you a top-quality essay, be it admission, persuasive or description one, but if you have a more challenging paper to write, don't worry.

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Do My Assignment. Up to 50 Fellowships are awarded annually to study at one of the nine participating Florida universities. An additional two years of support at this same level is provided by the participating institution. Applications must be submitted to FEF by January 15, each year.

Henry Belin du Pont Dissertation Fellowships

This program provides funds to selected doctoral candidates interested in the dissertation scholarship of internal auditing. Procedures: Any doctoral candidate pursuing an advanced post-graduate degree such as Ph. Applicants should submit their dissertation proposals, along with a detailed cover letter, to The Dissertation scholarship women Research Foundation.

See Submission Information at the bottom of diversity dissertation scholarship page. Applicants must also submit two letters of recommendation by professors directly supervising or connected with their dissertation efforts. Up to two awards are given each year. The deadline for submitting a grant application is October 15 of each calendar year. Winners will be determined by December 15 of the same year.

Outline thesis masters learn more and Apply, click here. Our scholarship program assists Native American and Alaska Native students working toward a degree within a financially related field. Applications must be postmarked by July 30th. The University of Pennsylvania PENN is dedicated to worldwide academic excellence and is enriched by individuals, who, through their different races and ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, abilities, economic status, and sexual orientation, contribute to an intellectually challenging and inclusive educational setting.

The Academic Diversity Fellowship Program seeks to attract promising scholars and educators from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and other diverse groups whose life experience, research experience and employment background will contribute significantly to our academic excellence.

The fellowships are available for postdoctoral training in all areas of study at the University and seek to attract graduate students who have completed, or will complete their requirements for Ph. Postdocs, residents and fellows who currently have a position at Penn are ineligible for this program. Successful candidates will receive highly mentored scholarly and research training as well as courses and workshops to enhance their research success skills and prepare them for a faculty position in a major university.

Applicants to the Prospanica Diversity dissertation scholarship Program must:. Click here to join. We provide support to our funded scholars and non-funded members of our network of eligible scholars. Through grant making, networking opportunities, and career development, we enhance the research capacity of our funded scholars and network members.

Each recipient also is awarded up to five years of university-covered tuition and fees unless the institution prohibits a fee waiver. In addition, the program provides professional development support and covers expenses associated with attending the annual Compact for Faculty Diversity Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. My thesis focuses on designing programming platforms that facilitate the use of programmable network devices for large-scale and real-time network monitoring and control.

More specifically, these platforms consist of i domain-specific languages that are expressive enough for high-level specification of dissertation scholarship women for end-to-end network transport, network-wide state-aware monitoring and control, and path-based network monitoring, essay water pollution ii compilers that use efficient intermediate data structures to automatically distribute and implement these specifications on programmable network devices.

I aim to develop methods to help users of machine learning models increase both the trust in and understanding of their models. My dissertation is in the two fields of interpretability and causal inference. The two fields, seemingly disparate, actually share the common goals of revealing and adjusting for biases that can arise when building machine learning models.

In causal inference, I have worked on methods that use machine learning to more flexibly estimate treatment effects from observational data. To complete my dissertation, I plan to probe the definition of interpretability - still a subject of debate in machine learning - by conducting a large-scale comparison of different models claimed to be interpretable and augment this quantitative evaluation with human subject experiments using domain experts.

Ebuka Arinze Johns Hopkins University. Colloidal nanomaterials, such as semiconductor quantum dots, are of interest for various optoelectronic applications due to their size-tunable optical properties, distinctive electronic structure, and low-cost fabrication. Color-tuned and semi-transparent photovoltaics, devices with controlled and tunable reflection and transmission spectra, are of significant interest due to their potential applications in building-integrated photovoltaics, vehicular heat and power management, and multijunction photovoltaics.

My project focuses on using nanoengineering techniques, including multi-objective optimization algorithms, plasmonic nanoparticle enhancements, and hybrid-materials-based surface modifications, to design and build colloidal quantum dot-based devices with controlled optical and electrical properties for the next generation of inexpensive and ubiquitous light harvesting, detection, and emission technologies.

These algorithms allow us to specify data collection tasks, e. To reduce the amount of data needed for each task, and since models of underwater dynamics are computationally expensive, we use model-based reinforcement learning techniques where the models are data-driven.

A problem with these approaches is that, even if they are data efficient, collecting new data is expensive. Adopting cloud services to reduce operational, maintenance and storage costs, is becoming increasingly common. However, outsourcing data and computations, is opening up new challenges in terms of integrity and privacy of the data and the computations on them.

Along with such important security and privacy concerns, availability, and scalability are major factors in such settings. My thesis addresses various problems in this space of secure storage and computation outsourcing. In summary, the main contributions of my thesis are the following. The beginning of a new era in safe assistive robotics will occur when people with disabilities and seniors let intelligent software control a mobile robotic manipulator to safely reposition their body and limbs.

Our goal is to explore the intersection between providing physical care and robotics, and how it is possible to translate safe patient handling and mobility guidelines into smart dissertation scholarship interaction HRI algorithms. For a mobile manipulator with knowledge-managed algorithms.

Diversity dissertation scholarship

Our efforts seek to standardize protocols and regulations for how artificial intelligence agents related to physical HRI can achieve diversity dissertation scholarship and limb repositioning tasks. As assistive robotics become more mainstream, these best practices can improve safety in direct physical care in the process of repositioning the human body with a mobile robotic arm. My research primarily focuses on exploring how machine learning can help improve real world decision making in domains such as health care and criminal justice.

To this end, my thesis addresses various challenges involved in developing and evaluating interpretable machine learning frameworks which can complement and diversity dissertation scholarship insights into human decision making. More specifically, my thesis focuses on the following diverse yet related research directions: developing frameworks which can be used to compare the effectiveness of algorithmic and human decision making, building models for obtaining interpretable and diagnostic insights into the patterns of mistakes made by human decision makers, learning accurate and interpretable models or approximations to existing machine learning models which can complement human decision making.

The main contribution of my thesis is to address these problems under realistic assumptions which hold in real world decision making such as presence of unmeasured confounders and limited availability of labeled data. My study examines the implementation of the dissertation scholarship information system HIS in Mozambique and the roletechnologies play in educating health professionals for better delivery of care.

Through a comprehensive examination of the HIS, from development to roll-out, I analyze the relationship between colonial and post colonial governmental good essay topics policies and compare them to the on-the-ground reality of using information and communications technology ICTs to provide health education given social, economic, and political realities in Mozambique. Part of the problem with studies of technologies in poor parts of the world is that they are often conducted by highly educated researchers and are conducted in English.

However, majority of the population in poor nations does not speak English.

Dissertation scholarship women

Such studies become irrelevant to the life experiences of those being studied. I will disseminate findings from this study in Portuguese and English through talks and publications in U. Touch-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and interactive kiosks are some of the most pervasive technologies in the world today.

As a result, touch has emerged as one dissertation scholarship the most dominant forms of input for computing devices. My dissertation research takes an ability-based design approach toward improving the accessibility of touch-enabled devices for people with motor impairments.

I intend to create intelligent interaction techniques that allow people with motor impairments to touch in whichever ways are most comfortable and natural for them, and for the system to react as if it was touched precisely. In this era of increased engagement with technology, many latency-sensitive applications processing large amounts of data have emerged.

For example, we expect social networks to show hashtag trends within minutes, data from IoT to be processed within seconds, and online gaming to react within milliseconds. In all these diverse areas, handling large scale data in a real-time fashion is crucial. At scale, providing low latency becomes increasingly challenging with many complexities in distribution, scaling, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing.

My research has focused on developing techniques that broadly explore these issues with particular attention to end-to-end latency and building massive-scale solutions. Most of my dissertation scholarship is deployed in large-scale production systems with hundreds of millions of users. My dissertation work attends to the intersection of accessible human-computer interaction and video game design. Games continually grow more complex, pervasive, and significant in 21st century life.

Therefore, my work proposes to understand the play experiences of gamers with impairments and offer novel design essay writing for money for mitigating the accessibility barriers they face.

My proposed investigations seek to understand how accessibility barriers manifest in mainstream games, to empower gamers with impairments to better navigate the landscape of game accessibility dissertation scholarship novel information design, and to address underlying institutional concerns that perpetuate systemic accessibility issues in the game development industry through education interventions.

Information visualization is an illustrative method to depict data, and the structure of this data is not necessarily known beforehand. The classic rendering via rasterization of visualization primitives tends to minimize extraneous details; every drawn pixel or glyph has a tight correspondence to the data on which it is based.

A simple line chart for example. It is thought that a more expressive or artistic rendering of data might harness additional insight through abstraction, or even an emotional connection. These expressive methods which I have classified as Heterodox Visualization HV methods, include non-photorealistic rendering NPR dissertation scholarship, stylized rendering processes like pixelization, and other rendering approaches, like those that mimic dissertation scholarship women media e.

To date there has been little systematic guidance covering how these HV methods could be applied to information visualization. My research will help determine, through experiment, which techniques pose a benefit to different types of visualizations. My research focuses on designing wireless communication protocols for Internet-of-Things IoT applications that require low-latency and high-reliability.

I am developing wireless communication protocols that employ simultaneous relaying by all radios in the network.

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This allows us to overcome bad channels and guarantee the latency requirements. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships encourage original and significant study of ethical and religious values in all areas of human endeavor. Awards are based on a rigorous national competition administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

Newcombe Scholarships for Students with Disabilities support completion of degrees by students with diversity dissertation scholarship who need financial assistance at selected colleges and universities.

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